Our Mission

Jouissance Sans Cesse (erotic pleasure without end) is an ever-evolving project that begins with art.

Our goal is to wash away the fears of aging and our culture’s continuous ideals that impose ageism onto women. We intend to open a new dialogue about what it means to age by connecting older writers with younger artists who will translate the literary pieces through visual art. Ultimately, we will publish these paired works in an anthology.

We are here to provide information and inspiration for women seeking a welcoming and empowering source and space for conversation about our erotic selves, and the aging process.

Please, join the conversation.



About Us

Katie Guinn

Katie Guinn

Katie Guinn is a Mother, Portland-born artist, designer and writer, wifey, flower gardener, art teacher and lover of the beautiful, of the female brainwaves and form.

She makes art with many media including oil paint, graphite, ink, and textiles, and spent a year writing prolifically for the Portland Mercury’s late Mercury on Design blog. She holds a fine arts degree in Apparel Design from the Art Institute of Portland.

Katie is determined not only to seek out and celebrate the beauty in the world, but also actively fight hard against hate, discrimination, misogyny, xenophobia, and all things that bring the world into darkness. She believes that we can light up that darkness, that every small star and speck that we can manifest through art adds meaningfully to that light.

Carol Fischbach

Carol Fischbach

Carol Fischbach is a writer who believes passionately in coming of age, no matter how long it takes. With a BA in Communications, she began nursing school at age sixty-two and graduated with her BSN at age sixty-five. She took a one year break before beginning her MFA in creative non-fiction—a dream she had for many years. Her works have been published in Nailed Magazine, Oregon East, and Tide Pools Literary Arts Magazine.

Carol has written since her youth, when her confidant was her journal; slips of paper stuffed her notebooks in school with snatches of poems; books were her best friend. She has been editor of a few inconsequential newsletters that are buried deep in archives collecting data dust bunnies. Carol feels that her real writing began after workshops with Lidia Yuknavich, where she learned to write from her body and find her real voice.

Now, in her later years, she feels the slant of ageism and feels strongly that it is important to change the current attitudes about aging in our culture. She writes life vignettes that she hopes to collect into a memoir.

Originally from Northern Illinois with a stint in Fort Collins, Colorado, she now lives in Vancouver, Washington with her husband and two kitties.

Leah Baer

Leah Baer

Submission Guidelines

Submission window is currently closed.

But here are our guidelines in case you want an early start!

To be eligible for consideration you must be female, female identifying or a non-conforming sapien as young as 50 years of age or older and reside in the Pacific NW. We eagerly seek persons of color in order to represent a wider range of perspectives for this innovative anthology.

What we are Looking For:

Work that specifically focuses on eroticism; ecstasy; love; sex; body love; breakthroughs; lessons learned sensuality from the perspective of aging; what it means to be a sensual, pleasure seeking person in an older body. Although we are not excluding trauma or “negative” experiences, our goal is to create a new language that defies ageism.

To help you out, we’ve included some prompts:

  1. Write about an aspect of sexuality that was hidden to you when you were young but has opened to you in the aging process.
  2. What form does sexual satisfaction take as an older person?
  3. Think about your first sexual experience. Think about your last sexual experience. What has changed?
  4. How have your sexual fantasies changed over the years?
  5. Define intimacy. Then and now.
  6. Make a sexual confession. How do you feel about it now compared to when it happened?
  7. What was your favorite sexual position? How has that changed?

Accepted Formats:

Poetry: Traditional; experimental; metered or non; prose.

Must be between 10-35 lines…if you have a collection of poems, we will accept submissions in groups of 3-5.

Non-fiction prose and creative non-fiction essay or short story (1,500-3,000 words). Please Note for creative non-fiction: elements of magical realism to help tell your story are accepted. Overall, the base story-line should true to you as the writer. We trust you.

This is a blind submission process. All submissions must be in pdf or docx format, with title and page numbers, but no name. Times New Roman font 12.

What we don’t want:

We reserve the right to request revision if the writing includes material that has the potential to damage another person’s reputation.

Pieces that have been previously published will not be considered. We are looking for innovative, fresh and unique literary art. No simultaneous submissions will be accepted. We will notify you as soon as possible if your work has been accepted.

Once we have chosen the final pieces we will inform you via e-mail by _________________

We will then choose visual artists ages 18-40 to interpret the chosen work, translate each piece through visual art, so each writing will be part of a “set”.

Every author included in the published anthology will be paid $20 and will be given a copy of the book.


Submission Guidelines for Artists

To be eligible for consideration you must be a female, female identifying or non-conforming  sapien as young as 18 years and as wise as 40 years and reside in Oregon or Washington.  We are eagerly seeking women of color in the hopes to represent a wider range of perspectives for this innovative anthology.

What we are Looking For:

We are accepting submissions for samples of work that best represents your abilities as an artist

Ultimately, the finished pieces we’re seeking will be work that focuses on eroticism, ecstasy, love, sex, body love; breakthroughs, lessons learned from aging and your sensual self, what it means to be a sensual, pleasure seeking person in an older body. Although we are not excluding trauma or “negative” experiences, our end goal to create a new language that defies ageism.

Accepted Formats:

3-5 jpegs  or pdfs of work that best represent your voice as an artist, with name of piece, medium, size and date (in that order). We will not accept links to online portfolios since this is a blind submission process. Do not include your name in the title of the piece or file name.

Artists chosen will be assigned an accepted piece of writing that they will then interpret/translate into visual art. There may be loose guidelines as far as sizing for consistency in the published anthology, which we’ll include in the acceptance letter.