Welcome dear readers.

We understand that intimacy at its core is the relationship we have with our own bodies. All of our love, comfort, shame, pleasure, eroticism is rooted in this concept.

No matter the deepest feelings we hold close, no matter our stories, this is a community that yearns to be held and to hold, to be accepted  in what can be some of the scariest moments in our lives: Sharing our deepest desires and secrets. In order to reach a new language about aging, we must embrace each other in every possible way.  We have created this space to start the dialogue needed to enhance our appreciation for our aging bodies and slash our culture’s impossible expectations.

Please join the conversation on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jouissanceluv/

And our instagram page: http://view-instagram.com/usr/jouissance_sans_cesse/id-4298363249

And twitter: @jouissance_luv


Katie, Carol & Leah


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