Jouissance Sans Cesse seeks additional comrade


Jouissance Sans Cesse (erotic pleasure without end) is an ever-evolving project that begins with art.

Our goal is to wash away the fears of aging and our culture’s continuous ideals that impose ageism onto women. We intend to open a new dialogue about what it means to age by connecting older writers with younger artists who will translate the literary pieces through visual art. Ultimately, we will publish these paired works in an anthology.

We are here to provide information and inspiration for women seeking a welcoming and empowering source and space for conversation about our erotic selves, and the aging process.

Our current goal is to publish a chapbook featuring 2-3 pairings of accepted works, and organize a fundraiser event mid-year.

The submission window will open soon!

We’re looking for someone with the passion to fight ageism and who is dedicated to the arts. Someone who will continue to be motivated to make epic shit happen.

This project is zeitgeist and we have the potential to change lives. We don’t take that responsibility lightly.

Unfortunately, this position is not a paid one, yet, but we strive to pay our artists for their time and that is one of our main goals. If the right person joins our team now, the possibilities for our growth is endless. We’re professional women who like to have fun and we meet every 1-2 months. We’re not a team of novices seeking guidance, but rather a team of women with varietal talents that all bring something new and solid to the structure of Jouissance. We have a clear vision for moving forward, and are looking for another body and powerful mind to help us logistically and creatively.

We’re looking for someone with the following qualities:

Female, non-conforming or female identifying human.

Savvy with computers, technologies, social media platforms and can complete basic tasks without difficulty.

Committed and dependable, with a follow through of ideas and tasks.

Highly organized and multi-faceted in planning.

Able to bring creative ideas to a collaborative setting in an open-minded manner.

All the work is collaborative and equally distributed depending upon who can commit to what, realistically at any given time, so an acute awareness of ones own capabilities are essential.

The following strengths are desired but not required:

Live in the Portland area to easily meet tete’ a tete’. 

Have produced or helped organize an event (fundraisers, variety shows, anything that involves a lot of commitment to detail and marketing). If you don’t have this experience, we will happily give you all the insights and guidance. These are hard earned skills that we’re willing to teach to the right person who already has an understanding of the platforms we use to navigate all these aspects. 

If you’re interested in joining our team and would like to learn more, please send an e-mail to Katie Guinn:

In the body of the e-mail please include the following:

Letter, experience and why you’re passionate about this subject. 

You may attach your resume’ and examples of work (writing, visual art etc.or add a link to music) 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Learn more in depth about us here:

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