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Katie Guinn

Katie Guinn

Katie Guinn is a Mother, Portland-born artist, designer and writer, wifey, flower gardener, art teacher and lover of the beautiful, of the female brainwaves and form.

She makes art with many media including oil paint, graphite, ink, and textiles, and spent a year writing prolifically for the Portland Mercury’s late Mercury on Design blog. She holds a fine arts degree in Apparel Design from the Art Institute of Portland.

Katie is determined not only to seek out and celebrate the beauty in the world, but also actively fight hard against hate, discrimination, misogyny, xenophobia, and all things that bring the world into darkness. She believes that we can light up that darkness, that every small star and speck that we can manifest through art adds meaningfully to that light.

Carol Fischbach

Carol Fischbach

Carol Fischbach is a writer who believes passionately in coming of age, no matter how long it takes. With a BA in Communications, she began nursing school at age sixty-two and graduated with her BSN at age sixty-five. She took a one year break before beginning her MFA in creative non-fiction—a dream she had for many years. Her works have been published in Nailed Magazine, Oregon East, and Tide Pools Literary Arts Magazine.

Carol has written since her youth, when her confidant was her journal; slips of paper stuffed her notebooks in school with snatches of poems; books were her best friend. She has been editor of a few inconsequential newsletters that are buried deep in archives collecting data dust bunnies. Carol feels that her real writing began after workshops with Lidia Yuknavich, where she learned to write from her body and find her real voice.

Now, in her later years, she feels the slant of ageism and feels strongly that it is important to change the current attitudes about aging in our culture. She writes life vignettes that she hopes to collect into a memoir.

Originally from Northern Illinois with a stint in Fort Collins, Colorado, she now lives in Vancouver, Washington with her husband and two kitties.

Leah Baer

Leah Baer

Leah is a 73 year old writer, horsewoman, storyteller, wife, mother, grandmother and lover of life. She recently retired from a career in social work where she created a program which protected women and children from domestic violence and abuse and was funded by the Violence Against Women and Children Act.  She is now devoting herself to writing.

She has studied writing with Tom Spanbauer, Lidia Yuknavitch, Liz Prato and Ariel Gore. She’s also  studied screenwriting with Andy Mingo and Chuck Palahniuk.  She recently finished filming in a documentary for ROAR, Fierce Female Storytelling, and she performed her storytelling onstage in ROAR last July. Leah participated in a documentary about about childhood abuse—and about those who have been voiceless—called “What I Couldn’t Say Then.”

Leah has read her works at Grief Rites, Unchaste Readers and Burnt Tongue.

She is currently working on her memoir, Athena Rising.

Leah passionately believes that women’s last late years can be their times of greatest creativity,

potency and the joy which the French call “Jouissance.”